Cock-crowing colliding with day break
Which smarting the face of snorring woman like drake
The moving engine queues on like mating flies
And its pim-pim-pim booms the market's ear like clattering glass
Which makes the flap-flap legs to be intertwined like dispersing ants


Unseasoned masquarade greets people with prayers in return for wants
And bizzers shout as bidders chat with them like empathic clown
That makes the prayers and shouts to throw an euphonic tune

The dun-n-du-dun of dundun and


Accompanying of the para-para n-pa-pa

Of bata drum dance the waist of market's women
To the ceremony throws by newly chosen people's man
Which paid a homage visit to thank their thumbs



The warmth greeting of palace which standing on the hill
And waving towards everyone who comes on its heel;
A benevolence and gesture of immaculated event
The purchasing of all desired goods at a considerable price;

A worthwhile kindness that stars the beauty of the market



'Oja'ba' a wide valley that embraces the nicety of may
A field that grows millions of naira a day
Sky around you brightens the faces of all with smiles

As pockets fulling on financial miles


Oja'ba a heart that breathens the chest of the town
Thank you for being in the centre of African proud town


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I don't understand all the

I don't understand all the African references but I enjoy your perspective.

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thank you, am very grateful for the comment but please don't hesitate to crticize where it's necessary, my door is widely open for it