There where I stand like house built on the rock
Seeing Nile spreads its arms around plains
To quench thirst and wash off the land's wrecks
On the African soil
Standing there a Kilimanjaro, ready to serve its black reigns
With interesting folklores and enchanting 'Ijala's tale
With that, all souls would refute ear-devile wails
That do blow out of saxo's
Which throws lads and folks away from soul-shaping


On the African soil
Where's 'Aagogo' hair-dress on a new bride's head?
Only what could see is a horse-hairs weaving with treads



On the African soil
Where're 'Sanya' regals on the body of 'Obas' on the coronation day
And 'Ade'jaa' sandals on the chiefs' soles as the 'Oraayan' lays?

Where are dancers whose their feet would cause soil aches?
Where are singers who will enchant ears to a didactic wake?


Is Nile still there to flow away our shames?
That brings by borrowing tongue
Is Kilama still stand there to block our hateful dame?
That creates by sun-rogue


Author's Notes/Comments: 

Africa needs to recognize its  richy moral and cultural values

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