Joke of Tragedy

Crackling in murmur to ear like taste of sea-salt
So interesting to hear, but sarcastic in telling
It smiles the mouth but frowns the face


Like heart feeling feaces on the eating plates

For mothers, their faces straggle like illegible note
For their eyes crying for no son's death
Instead, they dance to drum beat to sing for daughter



On the father part, comic remains only thing to relief death's news
Even in the evening, he couldn't refuse to lead way to palm-joint

You could hear people laugh, but their souls feel with tension
There are moments, that all backs bend towards thorny sofa


Which bodies could feel the pinches and itches
Of the tanned words that stress the falling off of comfort

There's another one told that shifts the balls of eyes
But stiffens the legs from pacing back and forth


Another one told that chuckles the tongues but crackles the cheeks
All over the place, there're moving mouthes

But the faces still like hollowing ground water

Author's Notes/Comments: 

It depicts what world has turned to

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I enjoy your writing, it adds

I enjoy your writing, it adds thoughts and feeling instead of being a structured rhyme, good job.