Fake snaps on camera-lens

and tender imparamount on the edge

wherever,whatever best is unthought

taken jungle to pass inside closure

where crawling and high jumping

dated life enemity

once in a while,coming out

still with black spec to conceal indentity

they cannot come out clear

like sun and moon,who have even known

fear of creature,still despite the enviness

they only hide inside the moonless night

and black dark spec founding them in the morning

are they citizen of here?,no,yes they are

they are but mind worse and fear them

they are black sheep of the country

seemingly,sense is stitch

so,brain is delapidated

we warned them,they refused us

we clambered them,they threatened us

no degree,no honour

we invite them to the hell

they slept on man-never-touch bed

ant took their birthright to impatriotism

which showdown their claim to legalbirth

they are uncautious and unmindful of their

idea and debate to own the originality acclaim

they are legitimate basterd

Author's Notes/Comments: 

the poem scaling the inhuman and patriotless of some citizen which have brought shame and no-honour to their birthplace and poem is trying to infuse betterness and passion to the citizen becos good citizen makes good nation,and fallen of nation causes by citizen attitude

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