do i had anybody behind me

when i am hot no father

when i am cold nobody to call  my mother

i live no to to indentity of my shameless

no word to describe the picture  of father

and non to explain  that of mother

when am easy,when i am hard

non to question my dubious character

non to kneel down for

in the morning

and not to exchange greeting with

in the afternoon

who will bless my curse?

who will guide my future?

to fruitful path as intend

I had no attention

to pull down the card of sentiments

i am an orphan with deathless parent

negligence is problems of african child

trading us to worse and ill-being

intending of being real-man

is deprived by our life-drivers

I am a warrior

weaponless handicap

who will fight tomorrow

to bow for fulfilment

and axing the hill to flatness ground

I am widow of richless man

and of fateless future

and heavy burden of household

future creates part of me

and leave the rest of me

there sturdy sound sounds in my head

leaves me to no potent of life

i have no to know

and few to view

future is lime and salt

Author's Notes/Comments: 

umbrella of parent so thickly to guide future of children to rain,and well-trained child is pride of nation.the coat of poems targetting the unradical and unalloy situation african child born into,in the sense that most roteous charecter of african child cutting through abandoning of children and care no phase open upon our tendencies,because most most parent are so rascal and earless to listen to child's crying

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wow i love this one..
it lightens me about the other side of somenone's world..
i just like it,!

well, we can be freinds of course..
i'm gonna sign up on your guestbook, k?
you too...

God Bless!