words drift in the mind like transition glory

it beats the rhythm like sax sound

the glory! the glory!! the glory!!!

glory glows like rainbow in the sky

the rhyme settles into underlay of memory

producing perspective flames of ancestrals

pompous fire the objectivity of mindthought

manufacture from clues providing procession

headleads the tom-tom colour of brown dark

the simple that sustain the kindred of truth

and peace,the black mind thought till the

appear of white daybreak,the clan of writing

sounds in the brain of  critical study and

slate the cliche work of artbelieve

all must make the testicles of bell passing

the message to surface of soil and

echo it around to exhume the corpses

of goriless anxiety and biasness without

mythology,only reluctant the simple strike wound of animosity,ranging around to loom

and steal the clean mind of dirty saint

let the poetry brooms sanitize the beautiful

unlookable tent,spread to prevent our sun

mathematicians solve the wilden indices

with an atom ink dropping from the mouth

of pen,and bury the fake dupe under heart

let the metrology forcasts the doubtful

certain weather and see as real

put the pen pick it down back let passes

and found the lost white angel

pen not only writer also impact mediator

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Ruth Lovejoy's picture

absolutely beautiful piece. Funny we must be on the same wave length today because I just wrote a piece about the experience of being a writer. Tell me what you think of it..