"Ode To My Son''

The best is just a reference point,of what I couldnt be,
But I will give my heart and soul, just make you come to me,

I will say I've tried so hard, but selfishness blocked my way,
To have you look into my eyes and not believe the words I say,

I deserve all your pain, and anything you desire.
Guess it was how I was taught, rewards come to the liar,

Sorry for all those little things, that I've let slip threw my hands,
Apologies have set the way, In this desolate land;

I have seen some things in life, that you should never see,
And I will try to protect you from, the demon that is me,

Lovely nights of endless light, tears fall to my feet,
Distance is my enemy, that I now have to reap,

For the days will finally come where you will become a man,
And you will tell ur distant son, the monster that I am,

Through a phone, is never the way, your heart should be let go.
My intentions where never this, this is something that you should know.

This is the turning point, I did what I could do,
I somehow could never be me, me in front of you.....

Author's Notes/Comments: 

Poem I wrote about my oldest son and the issues we've had...

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