and Regret

Blind Faith

I left myself open to you,

My vulnerability yours to take.

My true thoughts and feelings

Openly on display for you to see.

A trust I rarely give,

Even to my closest friends,

I gave to you.

I thought I knew you.

I thought I could trust you.

I thought you would never hurt me.

I guess I misjudged you.

Author's Notes/Comments: 

I wrote this when I was in high school for a school assignment.  

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"Here Lies Chester Robinson"

Seems as if yesterday,
I rode into town,
A few coins in my satch,
My horse Broken Crown,

Optimistic feelings,
That come with arrival,
Sometimes washed away,
By the means of survival,

Drained of all options,
And nowhere to turn,
I had to find something,
Some money to earn,

At the Turned Spoke saloon,

Sippin' scotch one day,
I overheard a man,
Mentioned robbing trains,

No second thoughts,
With my revolver and mask,
I robbed my first train,
And filled up my sash,

A victimless crime,
No hurting, no pain,
But when money comes easily,
Something changes the brain,

Before long it was daily,
Nothing was safe,
I became a wanted man,
Southwest Sentinels' front page,

Moving by moonlight,
I left this place fast,
My pockets could wait,
I had to bury this cash,

Up before sunrise,
Fear overtaken desire,
Up in the hills,
Awaken by a gun barrel lit by campfire,

"This is our man" the Marshall did say,
As they stood me up, I was flushed by relief,
"We knew we would find you",
"Now this town can have peace",

I said nothing,
My freedom was gone,
Death from the gallows,
Tomorrow at dawn,

Standing there as a man,
My eyes fixed on the crowd,
It all seemed so quiet,
As the rope I was bound,

With a sturdy quick pull,
I soon felt the wrath,
Its funny how we forget,
The force gravity has,

Slowly fading to black,
It all slipped away,
That money still hid,
Up in them hills to this day...

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"Ode To My Son''

The best is just a reference point,of what I couldnt be,
But I will give my heart and soul, just make you come to me,

I will say I've tried so hard, but selfishness blocked my way,
To have you look into my eyes and not believe the words I say,

I deserve all your pain, and anything you desire.
Guess it was how I was taught, rewards come to the liar,

Sorry for all those little things, that I've let slip threw my hands,
Apologies have set the way, In this desolate land;

I have seen some things in life, that you should never see,
And I will try to protect you from, the demon that is me,

Lovely nights of endless light, tears fall to my feet,
Distance is my enemy, that I now have to reap,

For the days will finally come where you will become a man,
And you will tell ur distant son, the monster that I am,

Through a phone, is never the way, your heart should be let go.
My intentions where never this, this is something that you should know.

This is the turning point, I did what I could do,
I somehow could never be me, me in front of you.....

Author's Notes/Comments: 

Poem I wrote about my oldest son and the issues we've had...

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We've never talked
I feel we've met before
I've dreamt it over and over
Like it was meant to be and more
But I can't risk another fall
Just for a chance to soar

I know her smile
Imagine her voice
Heavens on watch
Hesitate my choice

Shes is truly
Beyond my hopes
My dreams
How much she gleams
What does love mean?

I know her smile
Imagine her voice
Heavens on watch
Hesitate my choice

What do you like
What's your power
Is it over me
I'll be your biggest fan
When you sing in a mic
Or in the shower

What do you do
What have you seen
Are you a drama case
Are you a queen
Am I the joker
Removed from the deck
Will you gamble with others
Cuz I'm just a spec

I know her smile
Imagine her voice
Heavens on watch
Hesitate my choice

I place my bet
hope this isn't a bluff
what am i feeling
is it all fake
is it all fluff
I can't do it
I follow with a fold
I've thought about it so many times
I never do what I'm told

I try to move on
Can i go on
The rest of my life
Was she just a crush
Or was she my wife

I know her smile
Imagine her voice
Heavens on watch
Made my choice

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Mother’s Love

School Poems

Hello mother,
I am here,
Your baby is here.

I hold your cold hand,
And know death is near,
I brush up against your ear,
And whisper…

The worst thing I have ever done.
Please forgive me mother,
I love you so much.

Ten minutes pass by,
And I start to cry.

You are at peace now mother,
This is my goodbye.

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