behind the curtains i watch you

your smile slowly fades

your heart in many pieces

yet you try to give it all at once

always, you find you give it to the wrong person

i watch you and i get closer to you

but still i keep my distence

learning your every move

i know what you want,

what you long for

i know your thoughts,

what you feel

i know and i wish i didn't

i wish i could help you

but the more i try the more you push me away

i dont want to help you anymore

just want to be there when you need me

dont want to tell you what i think

not going to tell you what i know

just let you do what you want

let you live your life your way

so here i wait

standing in the doorway

looking through to the other side but not takeing a step

they say you can walk either way through an open door

but i think i'll stand here, in the doorway

dont wanna walk through anymore

wont do me any good either way

so here i wait... alone in the doorway

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D/T: trista

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Trista Calderara's picture

I like this one. in answer to your question on Bloody Promises, no it wasnt the cheating. it was thinking we could have a relationship, being together at all, it was loving him