she hides her face behind a mask

thinking no one will notice

she thinks no one cares

holding up her gaurd

she builds walls around her

thinks they're strong enough to keep me out

but she doesnt build her walls like most do

doesn't just build 4 around her

she builds them in a maze

makes you think your getting in

untill you run into the next one

she makes you believe one thing

then hides behind her lies

doesnt realize i've already won

made it through the labrynth

beaten the game and made the high score

doesn't realize i've made it to the center

know that it's all just for show

i've pulled down the curtains

broken the glass she hides her face in

but when will she see,

she doesn't have to hide

not anymore

not from me

when will she willingly show herself

stop trying to put on a show for me

i've seen it already

know what's real and what's fake

when will she realize her walls have already fallen

she can't hide from me anymore

Author's Notes/Comments: 

D/T:trista calderara, krisee and stephani mullen

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Stephani Mullen's picture

hey that was really good made me cry at first but ur right

Trista Calderara's picture

you know, this is what's going on with mike. he doesn't see that i don't buy his shit- the ha ha ha or i don't care. he's stubborn