Reflections in the misty remnants

Of a shadowed haze

Dimly glimmer in the shaded tints

Of bygone yesterdays

The muted screams of twilight

Echo throughout and beyond

Captured in the hindsight

Of the once-unsevered bond

Now broken,widely scattered

As the timeless winds increase

The moment now hangs shattered

Clinging by a lonesome piece

As the whispers of a notion

Resonate within the soul

And span many an ocean

Where each tide declines to roll

What will be the outcome

And who'll remain to see?

Are we fated to begin from

The dusk of eternity?

As the images cast in silohuette

Serve as portraits of us all

That gaze upon what awaits still yet

In the rise before the fall

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heatherburns35's picture

Very beautiful poem. I enjoyed it
very much.