Somewhere,maybe nowhere,there's an anywhere to be

It isn't everywhere or here and there and it's where you'll find me

It's a dream within a vision just the sightless can behold

An impenetrable prison from which memories are told

Sharing secrets with the masses,giving what's been taken back

Glimpsed through rose-colored glasses which time has tinted black

Telling tales without expression,but all is understood

By the constant intercession of evil's hidden good

There are answers seeking questions to solutions never sought

And the myriad of suggestions come from lessons never taught

Retained throughout the ages of youthful legacy

Where all unwritten pages are your own biography

Echoes of a silence which reverberate throughout

The darkened glow of violence where each whisper is a shout

Every offered hand is shielded in a masqueraded glove

And every heart has yielded to unrequited love

Somewhere,maybe nowhere,there exists a fantasy,

A mirage inside a blank stare...and that's where you will find me

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