COWBOY MAN (Tribute To George Jones)


(T. Beechey)

There are songs about broken hearts and songs sung of denial,

Where the pain runs so very deep that it steals away the smile,

There are also songs about the pain which goes right to the bone,

But they're just songs,yours is real --- each one is your own

Sing me a story,cowboy man --- no one else would ever do,

When I hear a heartfelt melody,I know it came from you

There's such a meaning in your voice,I really have no other choice

But to listen to your every word...cowboy man,you've been heard

There's been more than a time or two when I've lost the will to cope

And found myself dangling at the very end of my rope

With nowhere left to turn and run and,when I thought it was said and done,

One of your songs pulled me through...if George can make it,I can too!

Sing me a story,cowboy man --- separate the truths from lies

Show me just what is real even as tears fall from my eyes,

Each verse reflects a part of me,the songs you sing make me see

Just who I am and why I'm here...cowboy man,loud and clear

(Instrumental Break)

Sing me a story,cowboy man --- take me along the ride

The one you've taken many times,don't leave anything to hide

Open your heart and bear your soul,a lesser man would have paid the toll

Long ago but you remain...cowboy man,share my pain

I can only pray that,if someday,I'm along those very trails

That you've crisscrossed and I get lost and cast against the rails

If only an ounce of your strength is mine,I know I'll get along just fine

And go on to see another day just like you and that's why I say:

Sing me a story,cowboy man --- I know you've one to tell

Where most have fallen,you have risen and took each landing well,

Somehow always on your feet,yours is still a story to complete,

The final chapter's still unknown...cowboy man,sing me home.

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Nice: He is one of my favorites.
Love Cowboy Man.