So unworthy of love,way beyond my feeble reaching

It's teaching me a lesson I'm confessing I don't want

The blunt message for me brings stormy overcasting

Lasting till forever --- I never chose to confront

I'm doomed to seclusion,my intrusion is forbidden

Must stay hidden from the masses as time passes by

Reasons why do not matter,all defenses shatter inward

All that's heard and forgotten is an ill-begotten cry

It's my destiny to follow in the hollow misgivings

That living has showed me on this road of endless ends

Where no one spends a second unless beckoned in their youth

Sometimes truth is no answer,just a chance for further bends

Why was I chosen? No one knows,no one questions

Suggestions meekly fall in dull and deafened ears

Still the years keep increasing,never ceasing in climbing

The timing's in rhythm with slim hopes and shedded tears

So,I stay along the course and I force myself to chuckle

While I buckle in and under the sheer wonder of it all

And,as I fall,there is laughter from rafter to valley

I'm a tally on a scoreboard faced toward a barren wall

That's the fate that's awaiting,no sense stating objection

The rejection is as certain as a curtained draw of breath

Whether or not,it is coming --- the humming's now a rumble

Soon I'll tumble pure and simple through the dimpled smile of death

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