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Birth Name- Triptych Wryght

Nicknames- Trip, Trippy, The Trippy One

Birthdate- Unknown, but looks 21yrs old

Birthplace- Unknown

Race- Lurpinian – A race of wolves that is dying out and is not known to humans.
Lurpinian are children of wolves and the spirits. They were never meant to be. They truly look like wolves but can take on the form of a human

Sex: Female

Orientation: Straight

Piercings- 4 on both ears

Makeup- Black Eyeliner and Lipgloss

Dress Style- Punk/Creative/Tom-Boy
Jeans and T-shirts (Band, Anime, Cartoon, and Wolf T-shirts); Does wear some gothic/punk clothes.

Religion: Christian - other

Spirit Flower- The Viola (Voilet)
Spirit Color- Blue

Weapon- Yasu (Katana)
Yasu means Peace, Peaceful, Level in Japanese

Weapons Mastered- Bow and Arrow, Dagger, Uchigatana, Katana

Supernatural Powers-
Can change into a Human-like form


=+=Wolf form=+=

Body Size-
32 inches at shoulders (standing on all-fours)
5 feet 1 inches from nose to tail tip.
105 pounds

Fur- Same as all wolves
Fur Color- Mid- Brown, some white on tail tip.
Eyes- Blue




=+=Human form=+=

Height- 5 feet and 6 inches
Weight- 150lbs
Eyes- Both are blue
Hair Length- Below shoulders
Hair Color- Mid-Brown
Hair Style- Wavy, wears it down but sometimes pulls in up in a ponytail.

Author's Notes/Comments: 

Triptych Wryght is my persona/fursona and also a char for a story I have slowly been writing.

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