To see some one suffer

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It’s killing me to see her suffer

Another Christmas here again

Pain shooting though my veins

Knowing that this maybe the last one again

It hurts to see her pride

When asked how are you

She smiles and nods and says

I’m fine

She’s been in and out of this for 8 years

She’s been through so many tears

She faces her fears every day she wakes up

She’s so strong

She taught me so much

I’ve had to grow up so fast

I’ve had to make sacrifices just to see her smile

I’m sorry for not being around enough

I’m sorry for not helping out enough

I’m sorry for not always saying I love you

I’m sorry for the stress I have brought

I’m sorry for all the tears I have fraught

A cry comes out of the bedroom

She’s in so much pain she can’t get out of bed again

I see her wince when she gets out of the chair

I cry out, how it’s not fair

But no one seems to hear

My tears are faded

I’ve seen her suffer for so long

I don’t know how much longer I can be strong

How long will you put her through this

Father please

I love my mom

But I want you to take her

She’s suffered far to long

I need her here healthy

Or I need her to be gone

A heavy weight on my families heart

But if your take her lord she will no longer suffer

She’ll be with you

She’ll be safe away from the pain

Author's Notes/Comments: 

I wrote this poem for my mom she is a strong brilant women but how long can you see the one you love suffer

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Lydia Lanham's picture

Very heartfelt, I can idenitfy with this, it made me cry. Lydia

P.s. The purpose of our poetry is to make someone feel an emotion. You have accomplished this, well done.