Should have Closed my eyes

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This is not suppose to be  

You  see more, then I see in me

I feel like you are filling

My head with jelly

And its killin me

The way you make me care-free  

You long for the same thing

That’s what makes the sweet sting

Something being just in reach

But just out of touch

You can feel the warmth

But you cant seem to consume the flame

I see the same thing

Every time you laugh

Every time you smile

Every time you look in my eyes

Right now our desires are in the light

But the fears that’s the darkness

That swallows us

I don’t know, to hold on or let go

With all the crap you are going though

The last thing I ever wan to do

Is to make this life worse for you

Falling for you would be the easiest thing to do

But so hard to fall out for the sake of you

So I don’t fuck up what you have now

The worse part is I don’t know how

You worked so hard to get what you’ve got

And I am not going to let that sit and rot

I wish I learned to run sooner

Why did I look into those eyes

Why cant I say goodbye

Why is it when I think of you I cant help but smile

Why are you soo sweet

Why did you have o treat me with respect

If you didn’t I could just move on with it

But why oh why

Did you make me fall in love with you

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