I am Sorry

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I am sorry about last night

That was rude and u were right

I said thing I shouldn’t have said

I just thought u were my friend

I thought because you know

How it is feeling so low

I know  I was nasty

I spoke to fast

I thought because you have been thought hell

I thought that you would be able to help me thought it as well

I didn’t mean to pick you apart

I  just had to say what was  in my heart

Poured out my soul

And you threw it in a hole

As you covered it with dirt

You have no Idea how much that hurt

As you  stomped on the ground

My sorrows became compound

You don’t even lay a marker

The spot becomes darker

You  have nothing left to say

Not one tear roll down your face

And you will never come back to this place

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krissy's picture

heather..holy cow deepness, i didnt know you had all this in you!!! nice work