Not so sad that is over

To My EX

Fine I guess that’s it

Thank God because I no longer want to deal with it

All I was a drinking buddy

Wow isn’t that funny

Thank goodness its over

At lest I spent some time with u when you were sober

I am going to wipe away my tears

And Get rid of all fears

I am going to get you back

I will find something, I have the nack

So I was your rebound girl

That excuse makes me want to hurl

It that a cat

Oh wait that’s your ass

You took all you could take

But you’ll never make it

Not every girl is going to fall

For you booty call

I loved you all things big and small

Just remember with me you had it all

But I wasn’t an big enough slut

So I got the cut

That’s fine I won’t stay

I was nothing anywase    

It was with no strings attached

It just didn’t last

I was there for you

Now that I am not what are you going to do

No that I not with you

There is nothing you can do

I am no longer your hunny

I don’t want to picture myself in something this crappy

Yah I am going to bitter

At least I will no longer be introduced as Harvey’s little sister

Now that Bitch knows what you do

She no longer calls you

No you can’t do anything all

But this was always was all your call

Author's Notes/Comments: 

I am so glad Thisis done so that we can forget it... you treated me like shit,, and now i no longer have to deal with it

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