Perfect family

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Often I look upon myself

What  would it be like to be some one else

Some on with no worries

Who is never leaves in a hurry

Some one smart but funny

Some ones mom who calls her dad bunny

Not  asshole or jackass

But someone’s family who could pass as…


A person who doesn’t have to study

Un like me a head full of silly putty

Some one who has a awesome sister

Instead of just missing her

Some one who had a cool brother

Instead of passing by without saying hi, to one anther

I wish the perfect family was real

But no, life is the real deal

The perfect family is what we strive for

But there is not such thing anymore

The perfect family is in our minds

And we need to leave that behind

Because everyone has a story to tell

About how they rose and fell

The perfect family is an Illusion

That sets us in confusion

Author's Notes/Comments: 

Everyones family has its ups and downs there is no perfect family

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