I Wonder

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I look to the stars at night

And figure life is like a flight

Either you crash down and fall

Or you do it right though it all

He make me see

A part of me I have never seen

He doesn’t let my true self hide

I want him by my side

I look that the girl

With no shoes

I wonder

What should I do

What to do

I look at the rich man walking down the street

I wonder why he is looking at his feet

I look the other way  

But should I stay

I look at the kids in special ED

People always look down and say

“They have something wrong in their head”

I look around

And it makes me turn around

I look at my feet

I see a beggar on the street

I wonder why he is there

And why no seems to care

I wonder what I should do

To go and follow you?

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