Down Hill from here


I  come home from my mission trip expecting fame

But I am back, and everything is the same

I am home but sad now

I want to live a good life now but how?

There is so much going on in this world

I feel like a small insignificant little girl

Back in Dr I felt so free

And everything was peachy keen

Now that I have found out about my aunt Nelly

And that she isn’t that healthy

She has more cancer

No GOD .. that’s wrong !! that’s not the right answer

They say what we all fear

That  she may die in a couple of years

No this isn’t right

She has already given up the fight

I pray that the doctors are wrong

This isn’t one of those happy ending songs

Everyone  in my family is depressed

I couldn’t think of God any less

I know its wrong

But I not emotionally strong

I am going into old habits

Hey God want my life ??? You can have it!!!

And when u talk to me about God

I will just smile and nod

I no longer cry

I am just waiting for my life to pass by

People keep on asking my why

But I just wanna die

Forget what have done

But I don’t think I can ever move on

I look in the mirror

And its all down hill from here

Author's Notes/Comments: 

just came back from my trip And I found out that my aunt isn't doing well

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