The NOT so “Happy” Thanksgiving

All the sex that was
had in the hotel the night before

Left me feeling sick
to the core

All the rich feelings
I had prior, left me feeling poor and tired

I wish my life didn’t
feel like it’s close to being expired

It has been dire
since I left my first fire

Despite that fact
that she was a crier

She was still someone
I admired

Even when I became a
liar and started adding stress

Self-destructing my relationships
is what I did best

No need for a C4 vest
strapped to my chest

Keeping both eyes
closed knowing it’s going to be quite the mess

But you couldn’t help
but watch, like a slow car crash

People gather around
like mass, mumbling nothing but sass

But wait, maybe…….I’m
just crazy

 Hearing voices in my head with topics like

Ladies, marriage, and


I just can’t anymore,
my happiness is wearing thin

Just something I can’t

I heard happiness is
something so rich

I can’t afford

Therefore I’ll just
sit here bored, might cop a 40oz at the store

Since I’m poor

It’s Thanksgiving Day
but nothing to give thanks for

I feel like smiling,
and giving a fuck

Has become a chore

But you know what I
guess I got to make the best of what I got

Might blow off my
mom’s dinner

And head to my niggas

I heard today everybody
is going to cook a lot

Gas stoves, smell of garlic
and cloves we just got

Getting ready with
them pots

Before we smoke pot

Can’t break
tradition, all my niggas in the kitchen

But before I head in

I just thought I’d
vent about life and shit I’ve been missing

First year without
the same girl I’ve been kissing

Yeah I got family, girlfriend
and a pot to piss in

But still this just
doesn’t feel like a Happy Thanksgiving