fading sunset...!

ill always be close to your heart

no matter what 

world apart for reasons unknown

you're close to your home 

im roaming the streets of cities unknown 

oh! dont wake up in the middle of the night 

i wont be there to hold you tight

enjoy your tea in the morning looking at the forest  

ill be missing you too

when you sing and water your plants 

may the tears not roll down your face 

for where ever you see them wild flowers' bloom 

my love there i shall lay

ignored all my life all alone i have been on my own 

without any friends to call my own 

you came along i was finally at peace 

no longer i had to fight my demons 

for your love chased them all away 

here i am now at the edge of the river  standing alone today 


i loved you with all my everything i forgot even my own self 

to wake up beside you each morning i always prayed 

lonelyness is all i have now memories of yesterday,

not many times will you come across the wild flowers 

but thats where i shall lay 

cherish those moments when you see them flowers bloom in the wild 

they will only be so alive for a while 

try not to touch them try not to pluck 

every drop of your tears cannot wake this love you hurt'

i dont seek answers i wont

you can argue with the silent wild flowers'

for thats where you can feel my warmth 

try not to touch them try not to pluck 

but thats where i shall lay

wild and silent with them beautiful wild flowers....

 One fine beautiful day i shall rest in the wild 

may i see your face smiling just before i make that extra mile 

with every breath i breathe till the very end 

i spoke the truth but you labeled it a lie

on that beautiful day wild flowers will bloom ever where 

happy for me they shall pave my way

with every fading sunset i am losing myself 

may you not be crying for me now or ever 

your life will remain unchanged 

but i am broken....


world apart for reasons unknown

you're close to your home 

the wild lonely world i roam alone

the world unknown with the wild flowers.....................................! 


Author's Notes/Comments: 

this is an old poem that brings back pain...................................................................................................!!!!

To you,

I heard you're trying to smile i heard you've gone to a different land yet your heart calls my name and i roam alone where there are wild flowers world apart for reasons unknown.....!!!!!!!!! TC !

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Broken_Inside_082289's picture

I just love the skill and i

I just love the skill and i could feel how you truely feel its amazing how just a simple writing can make you feel so much this is amazing and i love it when the wild flowers bloom here in New Jersey my 2 year oldand i actually lay in them when we get the chance thanks for sharing Smile

travelingpoet's picture


it is indeed an amazing feeling to be where the wild flowers bloom....! blessings to you both....!!!! Thanks for reading...