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It's the scariest feeling

ever felt in the world

makes you feel sick

without there being a cure.


It knots up your stomach

makes your face turn pink

its there one minute

then gone again in a blink.


Chases goosebumps up your back

sends chills across your skin

you'll wish you it was a feeling you never had

then wish you had it all over again.


Boosts people up

tears others down

some just cant get enough

others freak at the sound.


Twists your emotions in shapes

molds your point of view

makes you sick to your stomach

watch out it might happen to you.

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Silver__lining's picture

great job

honestly, i wouldnt have written love any other way... i also like how when im readin it in my head it has a certain flow to it... great job

can you hear me now?