Missin' U

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You're on my mind

day and night

when I feel wrong

when I feel right.


I miss your touch

I miss your face

the way you smell

the way you taste.


When I've had you

I can't get enough

doesn't matter how long

doesn't matter how much.


I feel so lonely and empty

when you're not by my side

I fake my laugh

hold the tears behind my eyes.


I miss you today

I'll miss you tomorrow

I'll hide my shame

I'll hide my sorrow.


Missing you everyday

has become quite tough

not talking so often

not seeing you enough.


Missing you during the day

I don't even have to try

I promise I'll be okay

I promise I'll try not to cry.

Author's Notes/Comments: 

This is another poem for my beloved Austin

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Silver__lining's picture

austin is a lucky person that

austin is a lucky person that he has someone who feels like this about him

great poem

can you hear me now?

Tortured_Poet's picture

Thank u for the wonderful

Thank u for the wonderful comment on my poem ill be sure to look at urs :)