Everyday is filled with frustration

Each moment I think what is wrong with me?

   Deep down

I hold onto my tightest fears

   Hoping they will never be revealed

   Each passing second increases in sorrow

But don't pity me

   I pity myself for wasting all of this time on you

   I just wish one day you will finally realize what you've lost

What you will never gain

   I hope you realize all the pain you made me go through

Telling all of those lies

   There is just so much bottled up inside

I fear one day

   I won't be able to hide it anymore and I'll tell you what's on my mind

   But for now I try to bite my lip not to expose the hurt

I try to keep it inside until the day I feel I am ready

   So as each day passes let me be on my way

For tomorrow is the beginning of a new day

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