Magnificent Plan

Gazing into your affectionate eyes I realize that I have met the man of my dreams

I always wondered 'When will he come for me?'

Now I see, he is the one standing by my side,

forever to hold me, Never to hide

Knowing the truth about love

Isn't it a distinct thought?

have you ever wondered, 'Are we meant to be? Is it our destiny?'

My daily thoughts consists of what the future may hold

I know one can amount to it's dreams if they believe,

Thoughts of marriage and kids dabble through my brain

you would never believe the happiness I feel whenever I picture me wearing that dress in teal

Loving memories will never fade

I could see us growing old together in that summer shade

telling stories under that tree, to loving grandkids

who think the world of Me

Wouldn't it all be grand?

Wouldn't that all be a Magnificent Plan??

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