It is foolish of me to think

that someone could ever love me

It is hard to admit to my defeat

of sorrows and pity

The realization just hits you one day

That you will always be alone

no one will ever be there

to hold your hand

to help you through

no one to care or say

I love you

Sometimes you may seem fine

But you bury it all inside

Just feeling the same emptiness day after day

Makes you feel as if

there will never be

a day for you to be happy

for someone to have you

someone to hold

someone to love

But it always occurs to a person like me

Because everyone knows not to waist their time on me...

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I have been down this path

I have been down this path before....take heart and have hope, but most importantly remember in order to be loved, you have to first learn to love yourself. Stay strong. :)