Meant To Be

You show me how to have fun

and we can sit and talk for hours

Each moment I wish

that you could see, my heart and

how it lives for you

I know you so well

I can almost lay out your next action

When you hold me tight, up against you

you know what I am thinking

I can see that you only kid around

but my feelings will always be true

Each moment I begin to think

wondering if you will ever leave her...

I wait... and wait...

for as long as I can

wishing there is still hope

Sometimes I feel that I just

want to give up

Until I look deep into your eyes

and into your heart

I can see a love that I felt

from the start

All the while you have someone else to hold onto

You have no clue

What i'm going through

I stay up all hours of the night

praying for you to be by my side

I've never had feelings like these before

I know that they are deep

So it must mean

those three little words, which I strive to say

But i'm not sure I can wait

There are others that i'm beginning to see

I try to deny it

But I know it's true

My love for you is everlasting

and will never fade

I just wish someday

You will see

That you and me

Were Meant To Be

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