The wisdom of your soul led me to your shore...

uneven breaths, half sleep in the jungle of bedding.

My fingertips, my tongue exploring, exploring,

uninterrupted touching, lobe of ear, neck, collarbone,

nipple, navel, navel,

Rubber tree, becomes taut,

resilient, tense, about to snap.

Southern hemisphere, the gulf.

This is sacred ground.

Stroking, stroking, stroking,

involuntary moaning, I bury myself...

here in the rainforest of your emotions.

Author's Notes/Comments: 

familiar faces, exotic places

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Nanook Of the Nashwaak's picture

Looks like another fucking poem. Do you mean taut instead of taunt? You bring emotions into the act in the last line, nice touch on the rainforest. Tell me more about your emotions, I know about the stroking part already, what I can never fathom is what goes on in a woman's head. Write me a poem on that, then maybe I'll have a faint clue of what goes on there. I've been trying all my life to figure it out, but somehow it eludes me.... Nanook

hawksquaw99's picture

wonderful job writing this one.... I loved it.... when this site first started.... there were only one or two writers that I thought could really cover this subject with grace and ease..... well you have joined in the ranks of the best erotica writers.... well done...... BRAVO