"Love is a Battlefield"

"Love is a Battlefield"

As the loud yells shot through each ear,
I wondered would I run out of ammunition.
The opposite of elation.
Gravitation now the figment of the imagination.
Each side is so resistant.
At one point we were so persistent.
Now we stand opposite of kinship.
The soldiers approached with vengeance.
I sat on the porch reminiscing on a period.
Where the cracks in my heart were not yet visible-
In Pain, my flag waves for forgiveness on this hill.
Still, I feel both sergeants didn't fulfill all duties.
Today, I view myself as an individual.
Analytically, I gathered pieces of the past,
and attempted to decipher when war began.
"Love is a Battlefield"
The field of dreams appears sad behind gray clouds,
And the thunderstorms of lies and deceit defeat –
Our troops stand at attention.
We use to pay each other attention.
Did I mention?
Countless passion throughout the night.
Tonight, we stand here with fully loaded clips.
Russian roulette with Cupid.
On the count of three we commit marital suicide.
We died 10 seconds ago...
"Love is a Battlefield"
Only bloodstains remain on these grounds.
During the last heartbeat I saw Purgatory---As
The loud yells shot through each ear---I'm here

The End

© 2007 Anthony Chavon Hanes

Author's Notes/Comments: 

This is my Pat Benatar Dedication Poem. This was from one of my earlier books a few years ago. -Tony Hanes

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