Independance Declaration

The Soul's Journal

He stands alone, although The Many are around…

…bound by words that he speaks, to them, are only sounds.

Found that when He gives his all, The Many reciprocate half,

Half of love, half compassion, half intelligence and class…..

Considered being complacent, but staying still is the synonym of stagnant

He’s magnetized and drawn to those who say “they are” what “they are not”.

They falsify his trust in them, for reason’s unexplained,

And try not to soothe his soul when love and life and faith are drained.

Yet his loyalty to these lost sheep is too strong to fail or falter

So at the altar, for the marriage of He and Peace, He stands alone…  

Why has His self – worth become the dream he can’t remember?

  - an ember in the dying fire, that used to be his pride….

He has been denied, for too long, all that was promised as a child,

- the inheritance of The Meek, the homage to The Humble.

He stumbles on like a man, that he once saw, who’d lost his limbs

And looks for answers, he was told, He’d find in Psalms, Proverbs, and hymns.

If He seems solemn, perturbed, and grim, make no mistake, He pleads for help

Help to find himself and hope They both find someone else…

For many days, for many nights, despite The Many he has shown,

These words I speak are only sounds,

I stand my ground

I stand alone.

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