10 Young Commandments (1998 version)

The Mind's Journal

I've lived in this spot for years, it made me a throughbred

It's rules to this shit, I hope u brought your notepad

Take close notes, follow u need to know

Maintenece free, get your rent dirt cheap

Rule NO.1 - JT's the top gun, stay serious but always have fun

that's what'sup,

Jefferson's the better one so when you come, leave the city shit behind, thats the bottom line

NO.2 - Got to formulate your own crew, don't you know country boyz roll with hundreds and thousands

Makin' sure we housin' you ain't never seen me without at least 3 niggas on my team

NO.3 - Be kin to a J.T.G., we don't take kindly to a non-legacy

So ya moms better be at least 10 years strong, otherwise, tell me now so I can stop this song

NO.4 - I know u heard this before, Never buy weed from Chauncey B.

NO.5 - Never sell no dope by the "WhiteBitch"

Even if it's hundred-dollar hits tell'em split

N0.6 - If they aint tryin to smoke, they broke

Give a cluck a credit rock they on you like a coat

keep ya soap on the low or they gonna sweat ya til' ya soakin

cuz that's a fiends NO.1 rule for smokin

NO.7 - This rule is often overlooked, never fuck a fiend cus' they'll leave ya nuts cooked

Fuckin a cluck is sick like porno flicks wit' no chicks

Fuck around and lose ya dick

NO.8 - Make sure you have a tenant for a friend, u need a

lay-low spot when the F.E.D.'s creep in

you can run in and out but never rest ya head,

unless you want 2 hots and a 1 man bed

NO.9 should've been NO.1 to me - If you got ya pack on ya run from the police,

Cuz if u like Black, U ain't tryin to go back

U better drop that sack and later on come back

NO.10 - It's 1 way out - 1 way in, the entrance is the exit

so don't think you slick

If you in a car, what you trying to dip for?

You'll be swooped by the time you hit the end of Belcourt

Follow these rule you're guaranteed to benefit

You'll from havin deader shit to havin better shit

Start to drink the water, you'll get a bigger dick

This be that Jefferson shit!

Don't u know we turned your girl into a Whitney Ho

Posted up gettin boned in Big John's home

I heard she take the whole 9 inch to the dome

Gotta go gotta go M&M's is about to close

I just live by the rules , I'm not the one that made'em

been alot of niggas lately tryin to miscommunicate em

tell you what

you outta pocket, holla at a native

Big Stu, WY, I got 10 ways to say it.... WHAT!!!

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