A Summers Attitude

Feed your head

Split the bed

Don't you cry now

We can't lose the tread


I can feel the rift

It's like a shudder in my spine

I don't want to drift apart

I don't want to waste our time


We can still care for each other

As we rip each other apart

We spill our biggest secrets

And break each other's hearts


I still care for you 

After all this time


If only we can go back

To the swing on your porch

With blue skies dotted with happy clouds.

A sunny front yard of dancing leaves.

An attitude as careless as the summers wind.

Laughs and adventures throughout the night.

Long talks and hopeful visions of the future.

Watching this world together from our little bubble space.

Love as immediate and intense as anything.

And endless delicious treats of a young relationship growing everyday.


I hope you're happy now

I hope you get to experience it again

I wish the same for me.


I hope you know we're still friends.. 

Author's Notes/Comments: 

You shouldn't be reading this anyways, go read a happy thing. Kiss a puppy, hear a really funny laugh, anything to forget a gloomy feeling. 

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