My words blow peoples minds like terroristical bombs ; colliding with one another like polyistical bonds ; & totally out of ur knowledge like stereotypical blondes ; be calms i wont fucks withs ur minds especially if u from idaho ; even if ur a dime ; cuz i only pay mind to the beauty that's in ur soul ; & if we had a bigger scale then u would be able to tell ; that my ever lasting love would weight ur heart down baby girl ; & ah growing up I was never a child at ease ; i mean back then getting love from ur parents must of been a disease ; like fuck ; the only time i heard the words i love u is when i got my degree ; made me feel like i was abandoned by life so you would think I had no love for the world ; but through music I found another earth hidden deep with in itself ; yea it embodied my genes ; chameleon amoeba cells ; unlocking the potential that was shy to even show ; & now I'm aligned with in my axis ; no more vertigo ; with the path clear in thought I know exactly where to go ; & dnt worry I'll make sure the public surely knows ; through my music u'll be sure to hear my one menifesto .

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