Dum Clown !


U nothing but a small cat with a big mouth // man u swear u tuff // fucking under grown meowth // that's why I caught u talking shit with ur head down // u think u funny but u ain't nuttin but a class clown // I'm the one with the ring wearing dat royal crown // it's funny how every time your confronted u give peoples the runaround // ha i swear your antics are so predictable // just call me John proctor as I put you in a crucible // yea u got these people believing in your dum lies // even got some people tearing up from your fake cries // well nows the time flee // no goodbyes // I'm here to shred & disorganize // you should go back to master splinter if you are wise // fucking dirty ninja turtle with pussy cross-eyes // I hope you crawl back in your sewer & never see no sunrise.


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