Music Creation


It's a beautiful dark fantasy when I create music from wats inside of me // the joy & pain of my bipolar life // the battles I fought and everything that I Strifed // memories, struggle, pain & power // addiction, beauty, strength & hours // the blood the tears the laughs the lies // the fear, the smiles, the sweat, the pride // music creation I give it life with an everlasting beat that never dies // listen closely so you see the why's // understand da meaning as it comes alive // the texture, the melody, the words that form // a masterpiece in effect my vision was born // now u see da creation that was stored in mind // u see no negativity // my art has a fine line // there's many different versions of the music I can create // but there's only one that catches my eye // only one that I'll date & most of u found this to be unexpected // but with my words I've resurrected // her beauty I can't stop thinking about nonstop // I guess I can say I'm in love with hiphop.


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