asking myself

music its a passion of mine, i been around it my whole life, and use it as an outlet its something i enjoy doing, playing guitar and just sitting down listening to some records.. but im wondering how much passion is there?? where is the line between passion and obsession?? when i am with some friends and we sit down and theres music playing it could be anything from rap, metal, rock, whatever i listen to it all.. but its all most like im listening to something completley different then everyone else.. like im picking something up from deep down but no body else is.. i cant really explain it.. but where is that line drawn between passion and obsession?? because to me its become just that, its been like that for a long time now, im just now sitting down thinking about it, its kinda more of a sickness then anything really.. 


theres a qoute i once seen, not sure wote said it, but "music is the safest drug"  okay make that two love this, " art is where you find you'r self and loose yourself all at the same time" not sure if that was worded right but you get the point.. 

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