as im the lucky one..

lucky to have you.

lucky to find someone i can run too,

lucky to have you as my own,

lucky to have someone hold my hand..

someone too tell me everything will be okay..

lucky to have someone help me fight my fears away..

lucky to have you by my side..

even in my darkest hour.. you will be there too..

you bring me light in a room without windows..

im lucky too have you..

when everyone else ran away..

you stood beside me..

you say you lucky too have me, no im lucky too have you..

when i had no where to go..

when no one listen,

when my world was coming apart,

you stood there and fought

when i was weak you picked me up

when i was lost you showed me the way

i'm a lucky man..


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♥ beautiful ........ always

♥ beautiful ........ always

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wow! :)

wow! :)