we all fall down

we all fall down at some point

most will find a way back to there feet

some are not as fortunate


somtimes we fall down

and as we lay there

with our face in the dirt

we find a gem

as we get back up we tuck it tightly in our pockets

holding on to it tightly

we walk away


often we we fall down

laying face down

agianst the rocks

we find a gem

slowly we get back up right

deep in your pockets

you will find it


its a hole

going unoticed

for too long

you then relized

you have lost everything you've ever had



Author's Notes/Comments: 

not sure if this is finished feels like there should be more.. but right now im kinda drawning a blank..

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what if we never find the

what if we never find the gem, though? then we'll just stay down with our faces in the dirt. 

this was a nice poem. we all do fall down. "ashes, ashes, we all fall down"

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good question..

but for the most part we all do, that gem can be anything. like another person, or some kinda of understanding, we all fall down, life brings us down, money problems, relationship problems, or just being depressed, most of the time we eventually snap out of it and find out what makes us happy, some people never fidn it and choose to end there lives, or just give up.. its all on how you see things..