she walks this path

awaken by the demons in her past

her soul broken

cant ever catch a break

he lies awake,  in bed telling her everything is fine

in his head he prays

but whos there to answer

whos there?

these scars are nothing

but memorys, cant be taken back

he holds her tight

feeling lost and hopless

he prays, but whos there to answer?

she walks this path tryin to find a meaning in life

not much to do, but play the hand that was delt

remembering how she felt that day

brings back the pain

he wishes he can take it all away

take it away

he prays

but all he can do is open that bottle and erase those memorys

stumble and fall slippin away from it all

he holds her hand and says aloud

ill never leave you

ill never hurt you

heard it all before

i know

buti can show you

hold on my hand and walk with me from your demise

we can get throught this together

as long as we have each other

your my angel as i am yours

this is who we are and here is where we belong

fighting for answers we've had all long

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scarling_darling's picture

that was beautiful, I have been in a somewhat similar situation like that which you speak of in this poem.. keep it up.. it truly was great!!

Comments and critiques are always welcome to my page! =)