The Blood of the Good

And so this country bustles unphased

From the mishaps of those who lead it. 

For more than money of the richest men

May it take to alter a culture so rich. 

I love this home of the loudest

And the men who eat too much.

The women who love with ferocious brilliance

And the families that drink for such. 


You cannot find such crowds of folk

Who vouch to live for the sake. 

And when they cry, they cry together

And shall hold each other in stead.

But when life inevitably returns tenacious

They shall love themselves again.

For there is no separation of country and self;

We are the land we love. 

Simple are we 

Who wish to see

The purities of above. 


So we exist by the code of God

But do so in of living. 

And the love we hold for a gentle soul

Will keep us forevermore. 

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the country lived in is only

the country lived in is only a representation of the ones who reside in it."For there is no separation of country and self;" liked that!