Reprieve From Absence

The streets crawl with flecks of light

Residual from a day well lived. 

Restaurants filled with well-fed smiles

And beautifully marred brains.

And so talk will flow, with little to stifle.

Their air is brisk but their insides warm. 

And they are just happy to feel at all. 


I have ne'er felt calmer

In my lazy footfalls. 

I have no place to be, and no place 

To be confined to

For fear of the outside world. 

Yet a pure contentedness shall not visit

Whilst my brain can wish for more.


I am without the love I've readily shared

And I wish such truths were shown to her. 

Yet she may only read the words of a broken mind

And feel the ache of a comfort forgone. 

Yet this beauty I will view alone

So it may fester into happiness enlightened.

So hence I may deliver back home

A better life for both. 

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Stunning - descriptive enough

Stunning - descriptive enough to paint a picture but room enough for me to make it my own. 

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This beautiful too

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