The Novelty in Narcissism

Your beauty knows no end

but that to which you give it,

So do not withhold from your only self,

The fruits of self-indulgence.

You are justified in finding the novelty in narcissism.


Drain the cyst of self-doubt to sway towards 

that which is long overdue.

Such a thing is meant to be fluid

Yet you are being crushed

By the sociability you take home with you 

at days end.


Do not collude with who you should be

outside of the confines of

who you are,

Lest they conspire against you to

take your mind.


Why do you sit at night rehearsing?

Entertaining the idea that 

a conversation with yourself

is the prelude to greatness?

Naught may respond but the pins of desire 

that prick your sanity.

Awake or asleep.

Such conversions are bias.


I am that watching eye that

you are in consideration of.

I am that contradicting word

that slices your humanity

at any slip-up.

I will tear at your insides,

Yet leave the outside intact,

Making it impossible for the observance

of pain.


No one will help you,

You are too humble to ask.

The loneliness will propel you




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very nice friend, you emit talent