Seasonal Depression



Seasonal depression all year long.

When its sunny outside, nothing seems to be wrong.
Than the clounds haze over and the sun goes down,
I am no longer the happiest one in town.
People outside don't know whats going on.
All they see is my facial expression,
Thinking nothing is wrong.
Sitting inside while its thundering out.
Watching a movie,
Wondering which day i will finally give out.
My thoughts are uneasy and i just want to sleep
than suddenly a friend calls up
and i no longer feel weak.
Its sunny again
and i'm bouncing about.
I wonder when the sun will again go out?

Author's Notes/Comments: 

I wrote this years back and decided to share now.

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definitely relatable... and

definitely relatable... and clever ^_^... great job.... I enjoyed reading this write... :)