Do Me

I’m gonna take a minute to do me

No one else ever will

My time is precious

And now some is for me

Effort and energy for everyone else

Time and commitment for everything else

But now, I’ve made a decision

And as hard as it is

And as much as I can’t

I’m gonna take a minute to do me

Undying energy for you

Never reciprocated and unappreciated

Nothing to look forward to

Something to hold on to

Fading visions of yesterday

And it’s finally too hard

And I finally can’t

I’m gonna take a minute to do me

Buy back my life

I can’t afford charging anymore

Bills piling up from you

No payments for my sake

No investments from you

Just enough to get by, alone

Being in debt for you, worthless

I’m gonna take a minute to do me

A new focus on number one

A new place to confide

Someone here for me

Someone I can always depend on

Solid ground, not egg shells

To facilitate and motivate

No tears necessary

I’m gonna take a minute to do me

Maybe even let go

Let go of some of me

So I can let go of some of you

And let go of everything

So I can do everything

And grasp my unattainables

I’m gonna take a minute to do me

Try to be selfish for myself

So I can stop blaming you

Learn myself and understand you

Try to be disciplined in me

After, everything will follow

Dreams replace by epiphanies

Because I’m gonna do me

Robyn V. Evans

© 2002


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Shana Alexander's picture

So true. . .we all need to step back sometimes and re-discover who we are. Get above all the bullshit we've been fed and realize the beauty we have to offer all those who choose to look. This is a great poem about getting back on the path of self-discovery. I truly enjoyed it!