Lately*--title help appreciated!

I've always been the good girl,

the studious girl...

the girl who did

whatever her mother

and teachers wanted from her.


But lately,

I've been struggling.


Struggling with being who

I always have been.




I've been lying and sneaking around,

doing things that

I never thought I would.



Mom doesn't trust me, 

hell, I don't even know

if trust me!



I've always been a studious girl,

but lately school work

is losing it's appeal, 

and-for the first time ever-

I want to socialize more.



I want to go out 

with girls and guys,

hang with friends,

go to parties!



Don't know what's 

going on with me lately,

but the things I used to do

aren't as appealing anymore!


Someone help me,

make me stop! 

I'm becoming someone 

who I don't know anymore!


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