I gave this boy,

who I like at work,

a Christmas card.


It read:


I made my own naughty

and nice list this year.


Somehow you were on both.


Merry Christmas.


and I wrote inside

"Santa already knows what I

want for Christmas...

so don't be suprised when he

comes through your window

and puts you in his sack! ;)"



I gave him the card,

but somethings off now...


He doesn't goof around

the same way...


He's kind of distant...


I don't know what to do!


My heart hurts now,

I don't want to loose him!


What did I do wrong?


What did I say wrong?


What happened?!


I gave this card to this boy

I like at work,


and now everything is off...


oh what do I do...?

Author's Notes/Comments: 

I wrote this just to get my confusion out... Not a real poem, obviously, haha. but I don't know what I'm supposed to do now! I don't know if I have chased him off, or what! Anyone have any advice?!

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