Tired of Always Being a Good Girl

My thoughts

I've always been a good girl,

or at least,

I've always tried to be.


I have made some mistakes

in my life,

mistakes that been

sort of costly.


But then I made sure

that I always did

what I could to hurry up

and make it right.



The thing is...

I am feeling kind of tired

of always being a good girl...


I want to wear sundresses to school,

even if they just barely

touch my knees

and have spaghetti straps.


Things that my school,


doesn't allow.



I've seen other girls

in my school

wear the same dress.


They didn't get

in trouble for it.



And, anyways,

I'd wear a cover over it

to make it more decent.



I'm feeling tired...

tired of always

being the good girl.


The girl who always

tries to follow all the rules.


The girl who doesn't

argue about wanting to wear

something that the school

supposedly wouldn't allow.


I'm tired of always doing

what I'm supposed to.

Author's Notes/Comments: 

A poem kinda saying what I'm feeling lately...

Please let me know what you think of it!

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